Waking a Dream

A true story in nine sentences.

Once Upon A Time my grandfather WMK senior started a magazine.
Very soon after, the magazine fell into a slumber and woke up ninety-two years later.
While it slept, there were were several wars, a civil rights movement, deaths, marriages, children and grandchildren and the invention of the Internet.

My father grew up to be a writer like his father, and dreamed of continuing the magazine.
He met and married my mother, who taught us how to see.
He taught all of us to write.

My friend Mr. Anderson, a photographer, also dreamed of starting a magazine and we awoke Kelley’s Magazine.

So here it is; poems from my mother, stories from my father, an essay by my sister, photos by myself and by Mr. Anderson and in time you’ll hear from all of us.

Welcome to Us.

Mr. Anderson took the picture, so though unseen he's here too.
Mr. Anderson took the picture, so though unseen he’s here too.