Nike Area 72 Foamposite

On Monday December 30, 2013 at 8AM EST Nike released the Air Foamposite One Oregon at the price of $250. I woke up at 7am to get this release on, and at exactly 8am, Nike tweeted a link for the shoe. I clicked on it and tried to put the shoe in my cart, but by 8:01 my size was sold out. By 8:10am they were all sold out. I then went on eBay and saw them there for $700 and over. I ended up buying the Area 72 “Astroid” Foamposites (in picture).

In my opinion, Nike Foamposites are the best shoe ever made. The mold to make the upper part of the shoe cost $750,000. The upper of the shoe is made of what Nike calls “foamposite” material. The Foamposite material starts off as a liquid at 130-175 degrees celsius.  This is also the temperature at which the shoe will melt. In order to find a way to make this material, Nike asked a whole bunch of different companies to try and find a formula to make the material. A Korean car company was the only company to find the equation. The formula is secret.

No matter what happens to the shoe the shoe will keep its shape, because of the material. The shoe will never crease. This shoe is the longest lasting shoe ever made in my opinion. This shoe can easily last 5-7 years. If you get heel drag you can switch out the sole of the shoes.

The midsole of this shoe had to be at least five times stronger then the midsole of all other shoes, due to the fact that the upper part of the shoe was so strong. If the midsole was any weaker then the shoe would fall apart. They use a very special type of very strong glue to keep the sole and midsole attached to the upper part of the shoe.

The shoe was originally made for Scottie Pippin. But in a shoe conference between Penny Hardaway and designers for Nike, Penny Hardaway didn’t like any of the shoe designs that they put on the table. Then he saw the shoe in a designers bag and he chose the Foamposite. Nike agreed to his choice.

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