Coming In From The Cold

So obviously, we haven’t been great about regular contributions to this magazine but in all fairness a whole lot has has happened. We’ve never stopped living art, but documenting it got to be a bit of a challenge. One highlight is that WMK, along with director Ben Abrams finished a little movie called “The Beauty That I Saw.” When shown at the Harlem International Film Festival last year it was warmly received and was honored with a “Harlem Spotlight, Documentary” Award. We hope that it will make the rounds again this summer. Updates will be provided as they come.

Finally we’ve all slowed down enough to put thoughts to paper, collect pictures, and put something up. There is a story by Blossom, Estrellas, some memories of a glamorous life by Aiki, a poem by Cira and The BearMaiden shares the view out her window. But first, to re-introduce you to Kelley’s Magazine and the man who started it all, WMK II posted a tribute to his father William Melvin Kelley, Sr.

If you haven’t been here before, poke around. But if you have, thanks for coming back.

… enjoy…

-The BearMaiden