where did the time go?
yesterday the kids
were small
the parents young
I was starting on my journey
of life

where does the time go?
now I have Greys
the kids have kids
the parents
have grands
and great-grands

where did the time go?
the seasons keep changing
like clockwork
the trees are still
in the place i saw them last
not seeming to age

where does the time go?
with a blink of an eye
and a nod of the head
it’s all different

I’m called Ms.
by folks
in my minds eye
I’m the same age as
children were born
when I was twenty
and now
they’re twenty

where it it go?
it seems like yesterday
I ran in the park
with no aches or pains
no cares no worries

but time keeps ticking
the world keeps turning

where did the time go?
it slipped away
never to come back

but I have memories
an everlasting present
of time