A Year Out My Window

When my family first moved back to Harlem after more than a decade on City Island, we were blessed with a great view of the sky from out our living room windows. I started taking cellphone pictures out the windows, pretty much every day. It resulted (by request) into a little book called A Collection of Pictures #OutMyWindow.

The apartment was cute but cramped, and so we moved in the same neighborhood into a bigger place. When we went to look at it, I knew I was home when I looked out the living room windows onto a Harlem panoramic that was even more spectacular than what we had. And so I continued my cell phone pictures, but I would also set up my “real” camera and take shots.

I am NOT a morning person, but because my Sun had to leave for school at the unholy hour of 5:50AM in order to be in Brooklyn in time for school, I got to see sunrise. No two are ever the same. And even on days when there was no sun, or blizzards, or dark for days on end, I challenged myself to look at the view differently every day. Some days, it’s a challenge. Some days, especially in winter, the darkness goes on forever. But the self-imposed challenge to see the difference every day has helped me look at the rest of my life the same way; no two days are ever the same, every day is different. As the seasons pass, the sun rises in a different place, the clouds form differently and take different shapes. Some days the sky is huge. Sometimes I can only see a few blocks away.

I’ve culled this gallery into 11 of my favorites from last year. Enjoy


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